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bradley-barks-grand-canyonGreetings, my name is Bradley Barks.

Welcome to my personal blog on business, health, photography and travel (and everything in-between).

As of 2013, I’m 25 and in/from Arizona; I started online over a decade ago at a young age, searching for “ways to make money” online – through a lot of trial and error, mentors, friends and divine guidance, I’ve had many profitable projects over the years.

It’s interesting… life has a way of letting you know, through a variety of ways, that you’re not at a balance point – for nearly two decades, I felt “off” most of the time… sure, I had achievements and let downs, but I was almost always anxious, stressed, not quite okay (one a side note, it’s my personal belief that most human beings are this way; we commonly describe it as boredom, sadness, loneliness, etc).

It wasn’t until I had a very challenging five year stretch of life that I began to seek answers in a variety of realms, which lead me back to the surface after my deep dive, with what I finally felt were answers – I emerged much happier, loving and whole.

This personal blog is my way of weaving these thoughts into videos and articles, with hopes of sharing, touching and offering information – it’s up to you if you feel like it’s time to take said information and act on it; if not, feel free to put it on the shelf for now, no worries.

My contact page is always open for business; whether it’s personal or more business-related, feel free to reach out to me if you feel the need – I’ll be happy to get back to you.

Thanks for reading through and I look forward to connecting in someway here in the near-future.

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